Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential

by Aziz Velji

Stress is pervasive in our western society like never before. As life moves faster and becomes more complicated, our ability to adapt and thrive becomes harder. It is no wonder that many of us are stressed. Whether manifesting as fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, boredom, or even depression, stress is debilitating and can limit you—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We are told that we need to try and manage stress, but practically speaking, stress cannot be “managed.” The only lasting way to overcome stress is to “eliminate” it from our lives. Aziz Velji’s comprehensive new book, Calm Brain, Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential, is designed to do just that. Aziz’s “holistic” approach will rewire your brain into a completely new way of thinking—one that is permanent, transformative, and non-reversible. He goes into great depth to explain stress, its causes, and how it manifests in your brain. When you understand the true nature of reality and the relationship between your brain and your true self, you will see that stressful thoughts are not real, but rather are based on your memories of “failures and mistakes” of the past, or the “what if possibilities” of the future, both of which are NOT important.

You learn that your transition to a sustainable, stress-free life is gradual at first, but through practice, it will grow until you suddenly experience a dramatic, instant, and permanent mind shift—one that crosses the threshold of lasting happiness, peace, and prosperity. This book gives you the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence needed to achieve your personal breakthrough, where you can finally tap into the underlying power of your mind—one that is no longer burdened or influenced by stress. With this newfound power, you will gain much greater confidence, courage, and focus. You will also think more clearly, make better decisions, take more action, and ultimately achieve anything that you desire in life.


"Loneliness, that feeling of emptiness, is not the failure to connect with others, as many believe. It is the failure to connect with ourselves. How can we get in touch with our true nature, when we are not even able to be with ourselves, to see what is going on in our minds? In fact, most of us don’t even want to admit that we are lonely. And when we do feel lonely, we look for the causes of loneliness (living alone, self-absorbed society, social media, or poorly planned urban spaces) outside of us but that is the wrong place to start. We look for comfort from others because we cannot live with our minds. We keep busy and try to fill the void in us with material goods, or with the company of other people to avoid reconnecting with ourselves… to make us forget about ourselves. It can be easy to live with someone else, but it is very difficult to live with our minds. And so, when we are alone and not doing anything, we are bored and become anxious….


Many people also wrongly assume that loneliness comes with old age. In reality, we have always been lonely (irrespective of age or the type of work we do), but we have kept our loneliness hidden by our “busyness.” As we age, we slow down, and have difficulty being busy all the time—that is when most of us come face to face with our loneliness, and it is terrifying."

Reviews:Les Aria, PhD, Pain Psychologist, Comprehensive Pain Management Department, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group wrote:

"Great book…totally agree with you: whole brain-technology. Will be recommending it to my groups at Kaiser …very practical and helpful.”

Simon Parkin, Best Selling Author of Hiring Right & Founder of The Talent Company, a Career Partner International Firm wrote:

“As someone who is always dealing with the constant pressures and demands of a busy personal and work life, this book helped me to better understand how to deal with and work towards eliminating my anxiety and stress. It helped me to better understand why I often feel the way I do…”

About the Author

As a student, teacher and author, my background encompasses specialized areas of study in philosophy, psychology, meditation practices, quantum physics, brain enhancement, neuroscience, and lucid dreaming (or what is called Dream Yoga). My formal education includes postgraduate degrees in engineering and business management. I have applied these areas of study and formal training to better understand the nature of reality, the relationship between the brain and the mind, and to further advance society, humanity, and most importantly, our potential as human beings.