Stories Beyond Time, Technology, and the Stars

by Scott Overton

Ride a bright flame of imagination across time and space with fifteen mind-stretching stories beyond time, beyond technology, and even beyond the stars.
A man who can walk through walls.
Agents who repair the mistakes of the past.
An invasion from beneath our feet.
A man who learns his replacement body was previously owned and died mysteriously.
A disastrous experiment to harness the awesome power of a hurricane.
Don’t be afraid to go BEYOND.


Carson hated to fly.
He was forcefully reminded of that as the big Hercules aircraft plummeted hundreds of feet before it could grasp the wind again, shaking like a dog just out of water. He reached for the sick bag, but decided he could hang on for a little while longer.
Christ! What was he doing there? He could have monitored the experiment back at Keesler AFB, or at the base station in the Bahamas. Not that it would have been a tropical vacation with the hurricane passing overhead. But better than being tossed around the inside of a fifty-year-old converted air freighter, tarted-up with fancy electronics and nothing left over for soundproofing.
He kept his opinion to himself, though. These 53rd Squadron boys were fiercely loyal to their Hercs. They’d let you come for a ride, but you had to pretend to be impressed.
He gripped hard on the metal frame of the canvas seat as they endured another round of buffeting.


They were still forty miles away from the eye—it would get worse, much worse. Rochelle was a Category 4 storm, with every sign of becoming a Category 5 once it was over water again. The thought of the pounding they would get from the eyewall itself made his forehead pop with sweat. As he wiped it with his sleeve, he saw movement from the direction of the flight deck. It was Captain Mayfield, coming back to check on his passenger.
Who was flying the damn plane?

Reviews:Christine Ernst-Lomond, freelance reviewer on Goodreads wrote:

"Solid gold. That's how I'd summarize Overton's collection of sci-fi short stories exploring themes of technological advancements, time travel, space travel, psychology, medical breakthroughs, and more. Every gripping story has a totally unique narrator, a completely different reality that takes over your brain for the few pages you spend reading it, replaced promptly by another just as wholly realized and expertly crafted. I'm honestly not sure I can praise it enough. It's completely brilliant."

Ron Baker, reader review on Amazon wrote:

"The art of the short story is elusive to the vast majority of authors but Overton has nailed them here, spot on and intriguing. I applaud the subtle intellectual concepts presented here, missing in most so called science fiction writing of late."

About the Author

With a long career as a radio morning show host, Scott’s first novel, the mystery/thriller Dead Air was set in the radio world (and shortlisted for a Northern Lit Award in Ontario, Canada). Since then he has taken the reader to even stranger places, including the human bloodstream in his SF novel debut The Primus Labyrinth, a science fiction thriller that reviews compare to Michael Crichton and Dan Brown. Scott’s short fiction has been published in many science fiction magazines and anthologies.
Scott’s distractions from writing include scuba diving, music, and collector cars. He lives with his wife on a private island in Northern Ontario.