by Doug Jordan

Book Cover: Amitié, A novel
ISBN: 9780359550647

Amitié came from Corsica to Canada to escape poverty and start a new life, and eventually entered the lives of Karla and David. Strong bonds were formed amongst all three until life's challenges changed everything.

This is a story about love, and loss and grief. And about choices, though the reasons for those choices may not be so clear, not even to themselves.


Amitié naturally sensed something was going on. How could she not? She continued to come every Wednesday morning. David was at home many of these Wednesdays, about to ferry Karla off to yet another appointment, or weekly infusion. Karla did her best to hold up appearances, but Amitié was not deceived.

She would bring her usual cheerful self through the garage door, calling upstairs, “Hi Karla! Good morning Mr. D.” But there was a more cautious caring tone in her voice. One Wednesday David was sitting on the side of Karla’s bed chatting about the future, and scheduling her treatments, and her now weekly Wednesday consultations with Dr. Horton. Amitié was working in Karla’s ensuite bathroom. She emerged from her cleaning and said behind her washcloth, “I should give you two some privacy.”

David said to her, “Amitié, you have become part of this family, you have a right to know what is going on.”


So he told her the whole story. Amitié dropped her cleaning cloth and started to cry. Karla beckoned her to come around to the bedside; she reached for her to give her a hug. They clung to each other for a long time, tears pouring down Amitié’s face. Karla was crying too. And so was David.


About the Author

Executive Coach by day; author/writer by night, though these days it's mostly writer day and night with the occasional consulting gig. I have [self-]published seven books so far: the latest about my transition through grief to a renewed sense of purpose [Travels With Myself] following a novel in 2019 about the loss of love [Amitié, A Novel]; three on career and management effectiveness [The Dynamics of Management]; and two memoirs about the family dogs [The Maxim Chronicles and its sequel, The Hallelujah Chorus]. My blog, Travels With Myself II continues with reflections on life, purpose, self-discovery, and writing. A novel about a boy growing up in the 1960s in small town Ontario is in the works. A couple of romances are lurking somewhere too. I am the Principal in my own firm, AFS Consulting, in Ottawa. Canada. I spent the first twenty years of my career in industry in Human Resources Management, and the next twenty in consulting in organization and management effectiveness. In addition to my books and blogs as Doug Jordan, author, I have also written dozens of articles on management, and life. You can investigate these at I have a B.A. in Politics and Economics and an MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston. In all these endeavours I hope to entertain, possibly to educate.