by TP Wood

Book Cover: 77° North
ISBN: 9781771616843
ISBN: 9781771616843

77° North finds Inuit orphan and archaeologist Chulyin Nakasuk rejecting her shamanic powers. Chulyin's journey weaves through a fantastical world spanning myth and science where she battles legendary creatures and human avarice. An archaeological expedition leads her to Greenland where she encounters The Foundlings. The encounter sparks acceptance of her shamanic powers and grief over the loss of a cherished uncle, and knowledge revealing the origins of human life on Earth.

Publisher: Mosaic Press

They never knew I listened. How could they? Tucked under the covers, their muffled words drifted through the open door of my bedroom, sailing into the docks of my ears. Tone told me more than the words. The softer they spoke, the more I heard.

April light was returning, and I studied a smudge of colour glowing beyond the frost-painted window.

Whispers. My name, Chulyin. They were talking about me. I liked it when I heard them say my name. I felt safe. Special.


But her yellow, unblinking eyes distracted me. She thought I was special too, and I was frightened when she came, perching on the post at the foot of my bed. I tried to turn away but could not, pulling the covers over my head, shielding my eyes, the stench of decomposing fish replacing her stare. Pinching my nose, breathing through my mouth, didn’t help. I tasted it, tasted her presence, a metallic tang secreted by her feathers sour on my tongue. Molding a tunnel into the blanket to breathe, I observed the pink luminescence fade along with their kitchen murmurs, and an urge to scream, to fend her off overcame me, but my throat froze. The odour was overpowering, and I dissolved into the vapour of a dream.


About the Author

TP Wood graduated from McMaster University with an Honours degree in English and History. He has been an Editor for three weekly newspapers and two corporate publications, has written executive speeches, screenplays and 30 years of private journals. He is an active member of the Canadian Authors Association, WFNS and the League of Canadian Poets. His poetry has been published in the Niagara Poetry Anthology, the Banister and Gravitas. This is his first novel. He lives in Nova Scotia.