Tonight’s Topic, by P. W. Bridgman: 

P.W. Bridgman embraces Paul Muldoon’s dictum, “Form is a straitjacket in the way that a straitjacket was a straitjacket for Houdini”.

According to one reviewer: To gain some of the benefit of Bridgman’s long experience of human nature by reading [his work] is an opportunity not to be missed.

A thread that will run through the presentation concerns the benefits and challenges of writing creatively when one is otherwise fully engaged in a separate career. Making one’s living writing creatively is something only a handful of Canadians have ever managed to do. Many of the listeners will, as well, have to fit their writing into otherwise busy lives.

Bridgman will also touch on the writing of fiction and poetry and how one process informs the other and vice versa. The subject of getting one’s work published, both in print and e-zines, and then in books will also be addressed.



Date: WednesdayFebruary 8th, 2023
Time: 7pm PST – The program will be approximately 1 hour.
Location: Zoom meeting – link will be sent to registrants (see below for link to online registration form).




About The Speaker:

P.W. Bridgman

P.W. Bridgman is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer of poetry, fiction and literary criticism who lives in Vancouver. He has published two books of poetry and two books of short fiction. He began writing while an articled student-at-law. His fiction and poetry have appeared, or are forthcoming, in many journals and magazines. He has won prizes and has been short- and long-listed in several literary competitions, both in Canada and abroad.

Some of his short stories and flash fiction pieces are represented in anthologies published in Ireland, England, Scotland, the USA and Canada. P.W. Bridgman chapbook, Deliverance-1961: A Novella in 32 Cantos, will be published in 2023 by the Pooka Press of Vancouver.

Visit P.W. Bridgman’s website at: