Past Workshop 2018

Sun Sep 30 at the annual Word Vancouver. Michael Kluckner — The Agony & The Ecstasy: 35 Years as a BC Author
Presented by Canadian Authors–Metro Vancouver (Including Victoria). Michael Kluckner is a Canadian writer and artist/illustrator. This entertaining presentation offers both a rueful reflection on the book industry and some solid advice for authors to move forward with their egos intact.

Past Workshop 2017

Sun Sep 24 at the annual Word Vancouver: How to Build a Story with John Mavin Good stories don’t just happen, they’re built, and as architects use blueprints, writers need sound structures to create effective emotional journeys for their readers. In this workshop, we’ll explore the structural elements shared by all stories (from linear to unconventional), uncover the differences between plot and structure, and give you the tools to build emotionally satisfying stories again and again. Nominated for both the Aurora Award and the Journey Prize, creative writing instructor John Mavin’s work has been translated, studied, and published internationally.

Past Workshops 2015

Wed Sep 9: It’s all about YOU – Marketing yourself and your work – with Margo Bates
As a publicist, Margo Bates wrote about and told other people’s stories, including what made them experts and why the public should learn more about the people, their product, and their businesses. It wasn’t the same when it came to her writing. Margo felt uncomfortable telling her story. She was uncertain what to say about her writing skills and style, and hesitant to share more details about her charming, eccentric and funny characters.
One day a friend said, “How can you expect people to buy your stories if you don’t talk about your craft and your experience? You know yourself as a writer. You know your characters best. You know your story inside-out. Who will buy, read, sell and talk about your work? They need to believe in you the author, as much as your stories.”
It didn’t take Margo long to develop a simple strategy to create a marketing plan suitable for writers, including herself.
The result? Margo’s workshop: It’s all about YOU – Marketing yourself and your work. Participants in this hands-on workshop get to develop their own marketing timeline and action plan. Topics include you and your story, research, market evaluation, and timing, as well as tips for monitoring the plan, and recommendations on how and when to measure the outcome.
Margo Bates has over thirty-five years experience as a publicist, workshop presenter, writer, and photographer. Her works include fiction, non-fiction, and cookbooks. Margo is currently the president of Canadian Authors–Metro Vancouver. She serves nationally as the first vice-chair and is chair of the National Fundraising & Sponsorship committee.

Sat Sep 26 at the annual WORD Vancouver: Canadian Authors–Metro Vancouver sponsored a free workshop – Crossing Boundaries: Writing in Different Genres with Ian Weir. Participants learn how the structural principles of screenwriting apply to other writing forms and that “thinking like an actor” is a valuable tool for generating multi-dimensional characters. They examine the challenges of adapting a story from one form to another, and how to determine the ideal form for a new story concept.
Ian Weir is a playwright, screenwriter and novelist of Daniel O’Thunder and Will Starling, which was recently shortlisted for the Sunburst Award and was a Globe and Mail Best Book of 2014.

Past Workshop 2014

Write Expectations: Selling your book to a publisher? Do your homework and keep it simple. | Taryn Boyd

Taryn Boyd informs writers about what most publishers want in the way of submissions. She imparts smart strategies for researching the right publishers for the writer’s needs and gives examples of how to streamline communications to the prospective publisher. Boyd shares a short story on the life of a book from the publisher’s perspective, talks about the pros and cons of traditional publishing and self-publishing, and offers her frank opinions about publisher/author relationships. Q & A session to follow the presentation.
Taryn Boyd has worked as managing editor at Whitecap Books and as a sales rep for the Literary Press Group, an association of independent Canadian literary presses. She is now associate publisher of TouchWood Editions, an independent publisher that publishes titles on food, art, and culture as well as mysteries. She lives in Victoria with her hound dog, Watson.
A free workshop at WORD Vancouver 2014 – Sponsored by Canadian Authors Association — Vancouver Branch


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Winners of the 2021 Whistler Independent Book Awards were announced on Friday October 15. 

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2021 WIBA winners:  Valerie Dunsmore of Calgary won the fiction category for Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit. The Non-fiction winner was Fran Hurcomb of Yellowknife, for Breaking Trail.

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Nov 10 – Emma Donoghue 4 – 5 pm PST

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Iona Whishaw Jan 20: The Book Only You Can Write

Jacqueline Carmichael Feb 10: Journey from a self-published book to a trade publication

KT Wagner March 10: Writing short fiction in 2021

Cynthia Sharp Apr 14: Poetry writing workshop

Danny Ramadan Wed May 12: Writer voices, writer identities

Joan Marie Galat Wed June 9: The Business of Getting Published

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Oct 13 – Alan Bradley Wed Oct 13 Finding Inspiration


Historic Joy Kogawa House, the home from which author Joy Kogawa’s family was displaced in 1942, is run by a not-for-profit organization. The house now serves as a cultural and heritage centre, a site of healing and reconciliation, and a place for author residencies.