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Emily Jane Hills Orford: The Whistling Bishop

EmilyJaneHillsOrfordFor thirty-five years, James Charles MacLeod Clarke (1920-2006) toted a military-issue rifle and Bible as he sledded, walked, boated and flew across the northern tundra to minister to his scattered congregation. Wherever he went, he whistled — popular songs, children’s songs, folk songs, operas, as well as his favourites, church hymns. A story of love and courage, this is also about the power of music to transcend language and cultural barriers and bring people together.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Emily Jane Hills Orford is an engaging and inspirational biographical novelist. “The Whistling Bishop,” the late Bishop James Charles MacLeod Clarke, was an ordinary man with a big heart, and a penchant for whistling.

Emily Jane Hills Orford ejomusic@sympatico.ca

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Sherrill Wark: Mostly of Love and the Perils Thereof: The Sequel

SherrillWarkSurviving rough seas on HMS Heartbreak & Loss with the oars of laughter and learning. Mostly of Love and the Perils Thereof: The Sequel is the poet’s spiritual exploration of her own soul as she learns the difference between love and Love, and how embracing Love and losing it doesn’t break the heart, it strengthens it.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay had this to say: Poet Sherrill Wark’s poems indelibly stain a permanent reminder of the hardship and beauty of life, and our enduring struggle to survive and thrive through love, and the perils thereof. A deftly written body of work.

Sherrill Wark sherrill@crowecreations.ca

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A. Colin Wright: Sardinian Silver

ColinWrightAn Englishman in 1960’s Sardinia seeks a Sard girlfriend, but is frustrated by local sexual attitudes.

Wright says about Sardinian Silver: I went to Sardinia in 1962 to teach English. Earlier, I’d worked as a tourist representative, and I partly used this experience in the novel, plus some actual people fictionalized.

I wrote the first draft in an outdoor café with pen and paper. Later I went on the Anglo-Soviet exchange. I was still trying to type my manuscript on the ship from London to Leningrad—but I had to mail it back in case Russian custom officials confiscated it. In 2004 I returned to a very different Sardinia, giving the book historical value.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay had this to say: Author A. Colin Wright’s adventurous spirit transports the reader back to the exploits of youthful romanticism. Sardinian Silver, is a feverish and arousing roller coaster ride through amorous exploits, drama games, ancient ruins, exotic scenery, adventure, and the mistakes of a young man in his love life.

A. Colin Wright acw@queensu.ca

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Sylvia Adam: Dinner at the Dog Pound

SylviaAdamThis is the tale of Wagstaff O’Gogg, a plain little mongrel, who is tired of eating his owner’s diet food. He runs away and is accidentally taken to the City Dog Pound, where he discovers to his surprise that all stray dogs are treated to a daily banquet. And all manner of dogs are partying. Wagstaff discovers a new, rewarding life when he decides to make his home at the Pound. Written in 26 verses, with fabulous illustrations by Ben Chung. www.trafford.com / sylviaadams@rogers.com.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Sylvia Adams is filled with humour and is downright exuberant as she captures emotion and action. Dinner At The Pound is a poetic children’s book, that is a delightful story about dogs, food and friendship, told in fantastic rhythm and timing.

Sylvia Adam sylviaadams@rogers.com

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Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith: Strength Within: The Granger Chronicles

LeeAnnEckhardtSmithIn this saga of an extraordinary family spanning over 100 years, tales of Granger family secrets and courage play out against the backdrop of dramatic historical events. In 1905, the Grangers fled rural Hungary to follow the siren call of “American fever.” Mary McSorley Granger was “twenty-something” in the flapper era. Her father Richard McSorley disappeared from official records for 20 years while riding the rails across America. Beyond one family’s history, this book brings the past alive and provides a vivid, first-hand view of the places and times that shaped North American society overall.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith presents the saga of her ancestral family with conversational ease. Strength Within: The Granger Chronicles, is a glance back to one family, made up of many; their tales, secrets, and stories span over 100 years, covering half a world, and the eras of the 19th and 20th centuries. This book not only provides genealogical data, it also encompasses many moods and social history, as it counter balances with fine vignettes.

Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith lasmith@sympatico.ca

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Heather Campbell: Because You Asked

HeatherCampbellTrue entertaining tales to tickle your funny bone or cause you to reminisce.

This is Heather’s third book of true tales and personal life reflections; her readers kept asking for more! Heather’s stories detail the interesting, unexpected and sometimes unexplainable events in the lives of family, friends and acquaintances. Some stories have Ottawa Valley settings and characters, some are Hastings County and others have happened on Heather’s travels. The book provides upbeat stories, lots of laughs, and even “food for thought.” www.hfcamp.com.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Heather Campbell is the storyteller within the story. Because You Asked, comprised of 55 intriguing tales, invites the reader to take a break and delve into the world of ordinary lives of a colourful variety of people who find themselves in humorous, precarious, heart-warming, and life altering situations.

Heather Campbell fhcamp@nrtco.net

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Claudia Coutu Radmore: Arctic Twilight

ClaudiaCoutuRadmoreA sharing of beautifully crafted letters written by Leonard Budgell.

Journey to the Canadian north to dance with the northern lights, step back in time to the Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts, and enter the world of early Radio Communication of the north, as you stand in awe of the supreme grandeur of snow, icebergs, mountains, killing cold, the loveliness of streams that lead to the ocean, and the hearty and colourful folk who lived those places and times.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Claudia Coutu Radmore presents us with beautifully crafted and edited letters in Arctic Twilight, inviting the reader to enter the life and times in the Canadian north from the 1920s to the 1980s, and join the extraordinary people who lived and worked there.

Claudia Coutu Radmore claudiarosemary@yahoo.com

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Gwen Smid: Mary’s Atlas — Mary Meets Ontario

GwenSmidWritten by Gwen Smid and illustrated by Sonia Nadeau. Mary Meets Ontario is the 2nd book of the Mary’s Atlas series. In the first book of the series Mary Meets Manitoba, readers zip and zoom with Mary and Bou from southern Manitoba to Hudson Bay. In Mary Meets Ontario, Mary is zipping and zooming again. This time she’s helping a little loon named Gavi discover why Ontario’s Great Lakes have dried up!www.marysatlas.blogspot.com

Author royalties will be donated to support cancer research.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Gwen Smid is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher and writer. Through adventure and humour, the reader is transported to the wilds of Algonquin Provincial Park, the Ottawa River, and so many other wonderful places, as we learn important facts about Ontario, the land, and the animals that live there.

Gwen Smid marysaltlas@gmail.com

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Brenda Chapman: Trail Of Secrets

BrendaChapmanThis 4th book of the Jennifer Bannon books series deals with themes of peer and adult relationships, belonging, loss, coming of age, divorce and the emotional impacts these have on everyone. Enter the adventure as you experience joy, sorrow, danger, adventure and the events of life familiar to so many of all ages. Through friendships, the ties that bind, and the desire for solutions, Trail of Secrets captures the adventurous spirit in all of us. www.brendachapman.ca

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Brenda Chapman has written this novel for readers ages 12 and up. As many young adult novels are becoming popular with adults, this novel could perhaps be another crossover candidate.

Brenda Chapman brenda_chapman@sympatico.ca

Arlene Somerton Smith: www.scienceandstory.com

ArleneSomertonSmithExploring the faith way, scientific way, and how project “science and story” is creating a new media way to open minds. Conceived and created by Arlene, this literary Internet site shares thoughts, experiences, and stories for people interested in what Arlene describes as “something more.” Reaching out with an open mind, and an invitation to ALL, Science and Story is a vehicle for personal and public faith based exploration and sharing.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Science and Story embraces the discoveries of science, lessons of ancient stories, and the everyday happenings in our lives. Creator Arlene emphasizes science and stories, combined with her passion, encourages people to explore their view of the world according to what they feel and not according to the expectations of others.

Arlene Somerton Smith arlene@scienceandstory.com

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Jo-Ann L. Tremblay: The Self-Coaching Toolbox — Six Tools for Personal and Professional Growth & Development

Jo-AnnLTremblayAre you ready to design the quality of life you know is yours to experience? Is it your intention to be all you can truly be, and make plans to map out and actualize all that you want to do? Do you want to take full control, responsibility, and accountability for yourself and life? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, The Self-Coaching Toolbox is for you. Presented as a series of six Potentials Management workshops, each workshop/chapter is designed to present one of six basic tools the reader can apply to enhance their own self-coaching skills. Everyone can create the self and life they deem appropriate by self-coaching. www.potentialsmanagement.com

Interviewer Arlene Somerton Smith: : Author Jo-Ann L. Tremblay is an artist, lecturer, business woman, personal and professional life coach, and the author of The Self-Coaching Toolbox. Everyday we all stand on the threshold of the rest of our lives. We can look through that doorway toward our hopes, dreams and goals. But what is the best way to try to reach those goals? Do you need a little support before taking that first step? Do you need an interior designer for your life? This book offers 6 tools for you to put in a metaphorical toolbox that you carry with you each step of the way.

Jo-Ann L. Tremblay jo-ann@potentialsmanagement.com

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Gill Foss: Windows In Time

GillFossWindows In Time is a chapbook. Historically chapbooks were small books containing poems, ballads, and stories. Chap comes from the Old English word for trade. Chapbooks were so called because they were sold by pedlars known as “chapman.” Windows In Time is a delightful, imagination-provoking book of poetry that takes the reader on a journey beyond the ticking of time, through the passage of life, so that we may glimpse within and beyond.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Gill Foss stands with you to look at the wide expanse of the ocean, renewed tides of memory, listening to the sounds of nature, gazing at starry skies, being in awe of the power of nature and so much more. Windows In Time pulls the reader into a deep sense of engagement with the ebb and flow of time, and the experiences of life.

Gill Foss gillfoss@magma.ca

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Sharyn Heagle: A Clear Range Of Vision

SharynHeagleSet in New England, this sharply written novel is about transformation, love, and romance. The central character, artist Lacey Holmes, is escaping the narrow confines of her abusive world. On vacation at her friends cottage for six months, she intends to milk every second, bend the borders of time, and have a real vacation…from everything. Haunted by her past, Lacey is on a journey home to herself.

Interviewer Jo-Ann Tremblay: Author Sharyn Heagle transports us into Lacey’s world. I cheered and feared along with Lacey, and it had to do with her strength and determination to survive and transcend spousal abuse. She must balance her violent past with her journey to self-enlightenment, and the hope the mysterious beach house neighbour Graydon Scott introduces to her life. Pressed between the pages, Lacey’s journey to empowerment touches and penetrates the reader.

Sharyn Heagle sharyn_40@yahoo.com

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NCWC Results

Announced Tuesday, May 8, 2018
7:00 p.m.
In the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

Short Story
First Place: Ingrid Betz, for Leaving is Just a Suitcase Away
Second Place: Adrienne Stevenson for Rules of the Road
Third Place: Sonia Tilson for Wild Strawberry Jam

Honourable mentions:

Anne-Marie Beattie for The Reservoir Man
Adam Heenan for The Tent Man
Anna Rumin for Gently into the Night
Jeff Shiau for Coffee or Tea

First Place: Joan McKay for “A Memory of Light”
Second Place: Marianne Jones for “Child of the 50’s”
Third Place: Gill Foss for “Beyond HRV”

Honourable mentions:

Gill Foss for “A Change of Pace”
Gill Foss for “Ode to Invisible
Ian Prattis for “The Seasons”