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Our membership is extremely varied—published writers, would-be writers, teachers, editors, researchers, workshop presenters and many more. If you are in need of any of the following services, feel free to contact that service provider directly.

Adding Your Listing

The guidelines for inclusion are listed at the bottom of the page.


Sherrill Wark. Need your book professionally designed? At Crowe Creations we provide original, unique designs — no templates! Sherrill was a typesetter for 20 years, learned AAALLL kinds of stuff. She will also tweak your MS Word file into an e-publishable format. And yes, she can even do ePub!  website: crowecreation.ca

Editors & Proofreaders

Kaarina Stiff is a freelance writer and editor who loves to turn big ideas into manageable bite-sized pieces. She works with businesses and non-profit organizations to create and polish web content, corporate documents, and other products where words are put to work.

Arlene Smith is a certified copy editor.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford edits manuscripts for publication.

Kelly Buell is a professional journalist, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger and hobbyist photographer who edits and proofreads works of any length. She enjoys critiquing, reviewing, proofing content, and line-editing works of many genres, particularly horror, thrillers, drama, and works of fiction.  As a seasoned freelance journalist Kelly, offers a fresh perspective on writing for publication, approaching editors and publishers and the writing life.

Manuscript Evaluation

Sherrill Wark. At Crowe Creations, we read hard copies of MSs and provide written comments and suggestions.

Workshops & Instruction

Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith, an award-winning writer and experienced trainer, teaches “Writing Family History and Memoir, Even if You’re Not a Writer.” Since 2007, these interactive workshops have helped over 300 people from first steps through to publishing. Choose from: Getting Started, Write it So They’ll Read It, Peer Review, and Prepare to Publish.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford teaches creative writing to young people and regularly gives presentations in local schools and senior’s residences. She tutors writers of all ages and also offers services in editing manuscripts.

Arlene Smith is a freelance writer and certified copy editor. In her workshop, “Writing as a Spiritual Pursuit,” participants turn to age-old writing and study practices to help them add the extra ingredient to the body, mind and emotions of their writing.

Ghost Writers

Emily-Jane Hills Orford, award-winning memoir writer and writer of creative nonfiction, is available to ghost write your story.


Emily-Jane Hills Orford teaches creative writing to young people and regularly gives presentations in local schools and senior’s residences. She mentors and tutors writers of all ages and also offers services in editing manuscripts.

Sherrill Wark. Experienced with mentoring high-school students, Sherrill also welcomes adults for tutoring and guidance with editing their own MSs and with learning how to produce e-publications (using MS Word). $30 per individual hourly lesson. (Students are free because Sherrill learns a lot from them! References available for students.)


Emily-Jane Hills Orford is available to assist in research projects. With several degrees and considerable experience researching her own manuscripts, the author knows the search engines available and how to use them to the writer’s best advantage.

Add Your Listing

If you are a CAA–NCR member in good standing, you may request that a description of your writing-related services, along with your website or blog, be linked from this page.

Send a plain text email to Arlene Smith with the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your website and email addresses.
  3. A short description of your writing genres or preferred markets.
    1. Your submission must be concise.
    2. The text should not include publication dates or other time-sensitive information. These listings are intended to be relatively static.
  4. Your site should be related to the writing or writing-related business you are offering to visitors.
  5. CAA–NCR reserves the right to refuse if the link is not writing-related.
  6. Descriptions may be edited for content and length.

NCWC Results

Announced Tuesday, May 8, 2018
7:00 p.m.
In the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

Short Story
First Place: Ingrid Betz, for Leaving is Just a Suitcase Away
Second Place: Adrienne Stevenson for Rules of the Road
Third Place: Sonia Tilson for Wild Strawberry Jam

Honourable mentions:

Anne-Marie Beattie for The Reservoir Man
Adam Heenan for The Tent Man
Anna Rumin for Gently into the Night
Jeff Shiau for Coffee or Tea

First Place: Joan McKay for “A Memory of Light”
Second Place: Marianne Jones for “Child of the 50’s”
Third Place: Gill Foss for “Beyond HRV”

Honourable mentions:

Gill Foss for “A Change of Pace”
Gill Foss for “Ode to Invisible
Ian Prattis for “The Seasons”