Past NCWC Results

2020 National Capital Writing Contest

Short Story

First Place: Theresa Ann Wallace, “Water, Fire, Air”
Second Place: P.R. Isfeld, “Chatter”
Third Place: Suzy Royle, “Fruit”

Honourable Mentions
Joan McKay, “Meerkat”
Mar Preston, “The 600-Mile Ending”
Anna Rumin, “Crossing Deception Pass”
H.A. Eilander, “Mock Me, Make Me”
P.R. Isfeld, “Little Things”
Pam Maddin-Baker, “Basta”
Barbara Wackerle Baker, “Through Shena’s Eyes”
Christine McNair is the author of Charm, and Conflict. Her work has appeared CV2, Descant, Prairie Fire, and other publications. In her past life, she worked as an editorial assistant at Gaspereau Press and was the co-publisher of Chaudiere Books. She currently works as a book doctor.


First Place: Joan McKay, “this invented world”
Second Place: Miller Adams, “Pantoum for the Honey Bee”
Third Place: Gerry Mooney, “Summer on the Riparian Corridor”

Honourable Mentions
Bev Chambers, “Dance Class”
Pat McLaughlin, “My Word”
Adrienne Stevenson, “Political Pantoum”
Susan J. Atkinson, “Something Beautiful”
Pauline Irving, “Acrostic on Aging”
Adrienne Stevenson, “Homophony, Homophoby”
Adrienne Stevenson, “Nelson NZ Harbour Views 2019”
Gill Foss is a life-time member of the Canadian Authors Association and is a former national president of the organization. Gill has many poems published in anthologies, she has two chapbooks, and her new book collection, Personal Perspectives was published in 2019.

2019 National Capital Writing Contest

Short Story

First Place: Robynne Eagan, “Blue Moon Rising”

Second Place: Lynn Jatania, “Miss Julie’s Home for Wayward Girls”

Third Place: Alison Whiddon, “Neighbourhood Watch”

Honourable Mentions

Sara Mang, “Away with Birds”

Joan McKay, “The Long Dash”

Bruce Hodgkinson, “A Little Compassion”


Jean E Pendziwol: Along with many other accomplishments, Jean E Pendziwol is the author of the bestselling The Lightkeeper’s Daughters and has received the Governor General’s Award for the children’s book, Once Upon a Northern Night.


Two First Places:

  • Sylvia Adams, “The Girl Who Grew Up on Faerie Tales”
  • Susan J. Atkinson, “Jealousy”

Third Place: Thomas Gordon Reynolds, “We, Like the Fish”

Honourable Mentions

Sylvia Adams, “What Might Have Been A Love Poem”

Marianne Jones, “Grief Sonata in Three Parts”

Royden McCoag, “Whale Watching”


JC Sulzenko: Award-winning poet, published children’s author, workshop presenter and poetry judge.


2018 NCWC Results

Short Story

First Place: Ingrid Betz, for Leaving is Just a Suitcase Away
Second Place: Adrienne Stevenson for Rules of the Road 
Third Place: Sonia Tilson for Wild Strawberry Jam

Honourable mentions: 

Anne-Marie Beattie for The Reservoir Man
Adam Heenan for The Tent Man 
Anna Rumin for Gently into the Night
Jeff Shiau for Coffee or Tea


First Place: Joan McKay for “A Memory of Light”
Second Place: Marianne Jones for “Child of the 50’s”
Third Place: Gill Foss for “Beyond HRV”

Honourable mentions:

Gill Foss for “A Change of Pace”
Gill Foss for “Ode to Invisible Sounds”
Ian Prattis for “The Seasons”

2017 NCWC Results


First Place:  “Gunda” by Ruth Latta

Second Place: “Anne from Toronto” by Ruth Latta

Third Place: “Sunset (for Gwen)” by Gill Foss

Honourable Mentions:

“Too Long a Winter” by Lee Ann Smith
“Relay” by Lee Ann Smith
“A Small Grief” by Bev Chambers

Short Story

First Place: “The Flower Seller of Agra” Shiela Jane

Second Place: “California Pure” Elle Wild

Third Place: “Extra Innings” Jeff Shiau

Honourable Mentions:

“Unexpected” by Barbara Wackerle Baker
“Night Swim” by Di Golding
“Distant Connections” by Julio Heleno Gomes


May Gathering

Pitch Perfect: How to Write a Successful Query, with Barbara Kyle

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

via Zoom

Free to members of Canadian Authors Association

$10 for non-members

In this one-hour session Barbara Kyle will cover the following:

  • Overview: why a well-crafted query is crucial
  • Nuts and Bolts: How to structure a pitch perfect query
  • Tips: important Do’s and Don’ts
  • Query Examples: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • The In-Person Pitch: tips for pitching agents and/or editors face-to-face at writers conferences
  • Q&A session




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