Current Issue

  • “Work, Rest, Play: The Joys and Challenges of Writing,” by Arlene Smith
  • “Jealousy,” Poetry by Susan J.Atkinson
  • Upcoming Meetings: Our plans for 2019-20
  • The“Women Killing It”Conference, by Adrienne Stevenson
  • Writing Tips: A Teaser for our October 8 workshop meeting
  • Blue Moon Rising, Short Story by Robynne Eagan
  • “Grief Sonata inThree Parts,” Poetry by Marianne Jones

September meeting

Tuesday, September 17
7:15 p.m.
McNabb Rec. Centre,
Meeting Room C
FIRST PAGE CHALLENGE: Jeff Ross and Stacey Atkinson provide feedback to writers about the first pages of their work. See how well the first pages capture readers, and learn how to make your own first page more engaging.