A new chapter begins

The Canadian Authors Association relaunches their website

The new site, CanadianAuthors.org, is already loaded with program information, literary news, an events calendar, as well as other resources, and there is more to come over the following weeks.

Here is just some of what is new to the site:

New Responsive Design

The website features a brand new design that is also 100% responsive for all desktop and mobile devices.

Improved Sign up / Renewal Process

It is now easier for new members to join and for existing members to renew. New members need to just add the membership type they want, fill in billing/personal details and confirm their account through email. Once confirmed, new members can start filling in details for the extended profile in the public directory.

Existing members can renew before or after they expire. Just log in with existing member account and renew by picking the membership type from the Join / Renew page.

Improved Member Management

Membership type and expiry are always clear when you are logged into the site. On every page is the Member Login area that will also display current membership standing.

The Member Management page has also been improved to display and organize all information related to current membership and profile management.

Extra Member Account Reminder Notices

Active members will be sent a reminder email before/after expiry and the day after expiry. Expired member accounts can still be accessed by logging in to renew.

New Membership Card

All active members can now access a Membership Card when logged in. The membership card can also be printed from this page.

Improved Member Directory

While we are still working on the directory, it will feature an improved design and search filtering capabilities. Keep checking back for updates.

Having Trouble With Your Account?

As part of our move to the new site, we have been making improvements to our membership system database and directory. That means we had to reset the password you use to log into your member profile. You should have received an automated system email notification.

If for some reason the temporary password does not work or you did not receive the email notification, you can also use the Forgot Password feature found on every page on the right hand side or contact us directly.

After you log in, please take the time to update your password. Please also take a moment to review the information in your profile, and make any updates that might be necessary. It is important with the new system to keep your profile up to date for our records and directory. We have made every effort to ensure that the profiles are up to date, but it is possible that with the recent changes we were not able to carry over all profile data.



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