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First Name John
Last Name Passfield
Member Since January 18, 2023
Email johnpassfieldnovels@gmail.com
State ON
Country Canada
Branch Affiliation Toronto
Website www.johnpassfield.ca
Bio I have written twenty novels and have self-published sixteen. I have had two novels published by Rocks Mills Press (Job: The Cornerstone of the Universe and Bethune: The Only Person Alive in the World) and am under contract for the publishing of two more completed novels (Terry Fox: Somewhere the Hurting Must Stop and Lord and Lady Macbeth: Full of Scorpions is My Mind. As I have been writing my twenty novels, I have been developing techniques which have given me the form of the poetic novel for our time. The critic Una Ellis Fermor pointed out that literature, at the highest level, has never been completely realistic in its presentation. Accordingly I have sought to develop techniques which will allow me to deepen the meaning of the surface story -- as in the prose novel of our time -- in order to suggest the depths of the human mind in its contemplation of the imagery of the world that we live in -- and are challenged by -- on a daily basis. As I have been developing the form of the poetic novel, I have kept both a planning notebook and a journal for each one, detailing the writing process of each novel and the developing theory of the career-length project. These notebook and journals are available for free reading on my website, www. johnpassfield.ca
Publications Novels and Short Stories by John Passfield Test Pattern Twenty-three Short Stories Grave Song The Agony of Robert Chisholm Jumbo P. T. Barnum’s Greatest Creation Pinafore Park The Swan Boat Incident Water Lane The Pilgrimage of Christopher Marlowe Rain of Fire The Ordeal of Conductor Spettigue Victoria Day The Fabric of the Community The Wright Brothers Flight is Possible Leni Riefenstahl The Valley of the Shadow Out of the Park The Cogitations of Babe Ruth Raskolnikov Murder with an Axe Death Day The Apology of Sergei Eisenstein Albert Einstein Wondrous Strange Geoffrey Chaucer Canterbury Bound Ospringe A Visit with Grandad Pompeii Vesuvius Dominus Beethoven The Ninth Immersion Job The Cornerstone of the Universe Bethune The Only Person Alive in the World Terry Fox Somewhere the Hurting Must Stop Lord and Lady Macbeth Full of Scorpions is My Mind See www.johnpassfield.ca for publishing information.
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