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First Name Maya
Last Name Svevak
Member Since February 25, 2021
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Pen Name Maya Svevak
Branch Affiliation Toronto
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Bio BACKGROUND Maya Svevak is an activist, artist, and author, who takes an inter-disciplinary and multi-perspective approach to all of her work. Creating the world of Svevi Avatar is her first foray into fiction. Through her fictional writing, Maya aspires to absorb readers into the fascinating, often mystical worlds of people who are marginalized and ignored: the indigenous, dark-skinned, disabled, exploited, and abused. In her non-fictional essays, Maya draws on her training as a scientist and lawyer to clearly lay out the links between cause and effect, so that readers can expand their understanding of the realities that afflict us locally and globally. Maya obtained her doctorate, J.D., graduate, and undergraduate degrees from prominent Canadian and American universities. Upon leaving an award-winning scientific career in academics, she began working as a lawyer. Maya is a global citizen, who has lived in many different countries, and so has had the good fortune to understand the human experience from a rich variety of perspectives and cultural contexts. She hopes to transition to writing full-time very soon. INSPIRED BY SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE Maya has worked at the grassroots level with disenfranchised communities around the world, where she continues to meet awe-inspiring individuals. She weaves their incredible anecdotes of overcoming hardship with elegance and equanimity into the stories of Svevi Avatar. These stories serve as entry points into exploring many of the compelling issues of our time, such as climate change, injustice, racism, misogyny, violence, indigenous exploitation, and economic inequality. Maya hopes that through global engagement of fans of Svevi Avatar, together we will reshape mindsets toward the most pressing EcoSocial (ecological + social) issues facing humanity today, and make a measurable, real-world impact on the environment and people.
Publications Svevi Avatar: Persecution of Constantina; Svevi Avatar Glimpses: The Pandemic Begins, A Novella; Svevi Avatar Glimpses: The Pandemic Begins, A Graphic Novel
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