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First Name Bernice
Last Name Lever
Member Since January 1, 1969
Email bernice.lever@gmail.com
City Bowen Island
State British Columbia
Branch Affiliation Metro Vancouver (includes Victoria)
Website www.colourofwords.com
Bio Bernice Lever, born in Smithers, BC, was a founder of WAVES, a literacy magazine from 1972 to 1987. She has published 10 books of poetry (Small Acts, Black Moss, 2016), a teaching PDF: The Colour of Words, which is now shared for free, and much short prose. Her BA and MA in English are from York University, Toronto, but she has loved poetry since attending a 1963 summer Creative Writing class at UBC with Alan Ginsberg and Margaret Avison. She has been on national committees with the Canadian Authors Association, League of Canadian Poets, Federation of BC Writers and other local writer groups. She has read poems (some being prize-winners) across Canada, the USA and on four other continents. She has won four Lifetime Achievement awards including CAA's Sangster Award. Bernice edits for others, which she learned at Dundurn Press in Toronto during the 1980s. Retired from Seneca College's English Department in Toronto, she gives writing workshops at literacy festivals across Canada, when she is not writing new poems or watching the deer walk by on Bowan Island, BC, near Vancouver. Bernice Lever, a great grandmother, still gets 'high' on words from reading with other Peace poets.
Publications EXCUSES, for All Occasions - poetry, Highway Book Shop, spring 1979 SINGING, Canadian Women Prisoners, EDITOR, Highway Book Shop, 1979 YET WOMAN I AM - poetry, Highway Book Shop, fall 1979 SOMETIMES THE DISTANCE - poetry, Mosaic Press 1986 THE COLOUR OF WORDS - grammar & composition text, self-published, 1990. Revised & expanded 250 pp., some colour, became a CD, now a free PDF, 2015 THE WAITING ROOM - prose, Highway Book Shop, 1993 THINGS UNSAID - poetry, Black Moss Press, 1996 MIX SIX: Six Ontario Poets - poetry, Mekler & Deahl, 1996 UNCIVILIZING - 6 poets, Insomniac Press, 1997 LANGUAGES(S)/PRISON(S) - 4 poets, League of Canadian Poets, 1999 BLESSINGS - poetry, Black Moss Press, fall 2000 SEEDS #5, ed., 10 pp. poetry included, Hidden Brook Press, 2001 SIX VOICES - 6 poets, Hidden Brook Press, 2002 NEVER A STRAIGHT LINE - poetry, #17 Palm Poet series, Black Moss Press, 2007 GENERATION - poetry, Black Moss Press, fall 2009 IMAGINING LIVES - poetry 64/10 series, Black Moss Press, 2012 ENCOMPASS 1 - 5 poets, The Ontario Poetry Society, 2013 RED LETTER DAY - poetry, Black Moss Press, 2014 SMALL ACTS - poetry, Black Moss Press, 2016
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