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First Name Robert Joseph
Last Name Greene
Member Since March 21, 2012
City Vancouver
State British Columbia
Country Canada
Pen Name
Branch Affiliation Metro Vancouver (includes Victoria)
Website www.gaybooks.info
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/robertjosephgreene
Bio Robert Joseph Greene focused his writing career to teach gay men about bravery, chivalry, and selfless romantic acts. Greene wanted to show that romanticism could bring deeper meaning to gay love. Greene got more personal in his writing when, in 2003, he was asked about his family’s heritage in Canada. The Halifax Herald Newspaper acquired a piece written by Greene called "Africaville: A Young Girls Journey.” It detailed his mother's memory as a child visiting long lost relatives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Greene believed that this branch of relatives came to Canada as runaway slaves from the USA. Greene was able to make a dream come true by publishing his short story collection in The Gay Icon Classics of the World (ISBN 9780986929755), published by Icon Empire Press. The gay-themed love stories were from over 12 different countries. Each gay love story represented a culture and a people. It touched even the staunchest of critics. When critically-acclaimed author and Jewish scholar Rabbi Stephen Greenberg was told of a Hebrew story—Halo's Golden Circle—he warned of a possible rejection of the story by himself or the Jewish community. However, upon reading the story, Rabbi Greenberg remarked that he felt it was a "beautiful story” In 2012, the much anticipated release of a new set of gay love stories was introduced in The Gay Icon Classics Of The World II (ISBN 9781469914152). The new collection showed a strong Asian influence that Mr. Greene felt he missed in the first volume. Following the release of The Gay Icon Classics of the World II in 2012, a group of Russian students translated "The Blue Door", a story from the collection about a young Russian prince who comes out as gay, and used it as a protest against the "homosexual propaganda" laws enacted in Saint Petersburg. In 2013, Greene publicly stated that he had received death threats from readers in Russia over the story. In June 2013, publishing group Weltbild, which was owned 100% by by the Catholic Diocese of Germany, removed Greene’s books from their stores. The reason given by Weltbild was that Greene’s books did not conform to the company's "traditional values". The decision was criticized because the publisher at the same time kept more erotic heterosexual books in its inventory. Robert Joseph Greene graduated from École privée Charles Péguy (Aix-en-Provence, France) and University of San Francisco with a minor in Western European Culture and Literature. Greene credits his writing talent to his mother who was an English teacher and his father who was the president of a publishing company.
Publications ENGLISH LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 9780986929762  The Gay Icon Contemporary Short Stories  Icon Empire Press 9780986929755 The Gay Icon Classics Of The World Icon Empire Press 9781927124048  This High School Has Closets Icon Empire Press 9781468072341   Crossover II Straight Men - Gay Encounters Icon Empire Press 9781469914152   The Gay Icon Classics Of The World II Icon Empire Press 978-1-927124-26-0 Would You Mind? Icon Empire Press 978-1-927124-29-1 The Forbidden Scroll Icon Empire Press FRENCH LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 9781927124185 L'amour gay à travers le monde Icon Empire Press GERMAN LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 9781927124208 Schwule Liebesgeschichten aus aller Welt Icon Empire Press 9781927124321 Die Verbotene Schriftrolle Icon Empire Press SPANISH LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 978-1-927124-22-2 Historias de Amor de Todo el Mundo Icon Empire Press 978-1-927124-27-7 ¿Te importaría? Icon Empire Press ROMANIAN LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 978-1-927124-36-9 Portrete clasice ale literaturii universale gay Icon Empire Press PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE PRINT BOOKS 978-1927124376 Histórias de Amor Gay à Volta do Mundo II Icon Empire Press
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