How to Land That Literary Agent!

Are you an author with a manuscript you’re using as a doorstop? Or perhaps you have your own company and a wonderful story or idea but no idea what to do with it. Or you’re an artist and illustrator with a picture book thinking… what now?!

That’s where Megan Beadle comes in: This workshop will teach you the techniques of writing the perfect query letter.



  • The do’s and don’ts of writing a query letter
  • What makes a submission stand out among thousands of others in the slush pile
  • What an editor or agent looks for in a literary novel, a genre book, a non-fiction pitch, or a picture book pitch and does it differ? Psst… YES!
  • What the number one complaint about submissions is according to a survey of thousands of agents and editors in North America
  • What the benefits of getting an agent and publishing traditionally are
  • The number one most important secret when reaching out to agents
  • And last, but not least, how to get that agent and book deal!


About the Workshop Facilitator

Megan Beadle is the founder of the Beadle Literary Agency, a boutique agency in Toronto with a growing list of authors. With a background in book sales, a publishing degree from Ryerson University, and a passion for stories and editorial, she is uniquely situated within the industry. After working at the Canadian Manda Group for three years selling books for publishers such as the Hachette Book Group, Abrams Books, Sterling Publishing, the Literary Press Group (a conglomerate of Canadian Publishers), Diamond Book Distributors, Independent Publishers Group, and more, she started combining her editorial work and connecting authors with publishers by using her contacts. It quickly became clear that being an agent was not just a passion, but a talent.

To learn more about being an agent, Megan set up a learning program where she shadowed agents around the world to learn from them: David Camus at the Anna Jarota Agency in France, Andrew Leonie of the Leonie agency in London, and all of the wonderful agents at the McDermid Agency in Toronto, all taught her what they look for in an author. She’s looking forward to sharing what she knows with you!


Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time: 12:30 to 3:30 pm

Location: Swansea Town Hall, Teiaiagon Rm, 95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto ON

Location: Members – $36, non-members – $46

Contact: Carla Hackett at


Spaces limited and advance registration required.


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