To log in, go to the member login area located on the right-hand side of most of the website pages), and type in your username (usually the email address associated with your membership account. Use the password you have created or, if applicable, the password you were recently assigned. (All assigned passwords are temporary.)

Don’t Know Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password or never updated a temporary password, use the Forgot Password link to be automatically sent a temporary password by email.

When you have received it, use that to log in to your account (please type it in the password field rather than copying and pasting it in), and change the password to one that you will remember — preferably using at least one number and one capital letter for security purposes.

Navigating the Members Only Section

If you have logged in successfully, you should be able to see your name and other information, including the expiry date of your membership, in the login area.

To navigate the Members Only section, click on the Members Only button and then on the specific page that you would like to access.

If your membership has expired for 30 days or more, you will need to renew before you can make changes to your profile or access the Members Only pages. Please renew while logged in to avoid creating a new and separate account and lose whatever information you have .

If you continue to have problems, or your membership has expired for more than one month, please contact us directly at or 705 325 3926, ext 200, and we’ll be happy to assist you.