by Mike Phelan

Book Cover: The *Secret of Bell Island
ISBN: 9781039127296
ISBN: 9781039127296
ISBN: 9781039127296
ISBN: 9781039127296

When Matt McCarty travels five thousand miles to Newfoundland, his only intention is to put the ghosts of his past to rest along with his estranged, recently deceased alcoholic father. Instead, he will be drawn into danger and the adventure of a lifetime, unknowingly continuing the taciturn mystery man’s unfinished, clandestine wartime mission from 1942. During the war, U-boats torpedoed and sank shipping within sight of Bell Island’s shore; but now, seventy-five years later, something terrible left behind by the enemy threatens a cataclysm that could destroy the peaceful existence of everyone in Conception Bay.

Publisher: Friesen Press

Matt handed the decades old letter from his father’s effects to Fran. “Is this real? Can he actually have fathered another kid? And look at this other stuff. I don’t get it! Something that looks like a code book and a Nazi ring! Who was this guy? Why was he on Bell Island during the war, and what did he blame himself for? And what was Operation Red Iron?”

A pause. “Matt, God knows this doesn’t happen often, but I am almost at a loss for words. In all the years I have known your father, he was always been a quiet, gentle soul who kept to himself.”

“Well,” Matt replied with a wry smile, “if I have a half sister, there was definitely at least one thing he didn’t keep to himself. I’ve got a lot of questions, and I’m pretty sure some of the answers are over on Bell Island. I was going to visit anyway, but now this?” He shook his head. “Now there’s a mystery, and one way or another, I’m going to get to the bottom of it.”


“Okay,” Fran said. “Let’s get you settled away in the spare room. That was a long flight, and you could probably use a little rest before supper. See if you can relax a bit, and tomorrow, we’ll bury your mystery man, then do some digging of our own . . . into the past.”


About the Author

Mike Phelan grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland near the shores of the Atlantic. In the late 1960’s, after experiencing the exciting music and freedom of the times, he answered the call of the West. A career in the music industry followed and he eventually found the theatre, his true love, where he still works as a stagehand and proud union member of the IATSE. He lives in the West End of Vancouver near the ‘other’ ocean in a beautiful heritage house surrounded by artistic and eclectic neighbours who are owned by dozens of cats and dogs, even a huge Newfoundland. His first historical fiction novel is The Secret of Bell Island.