by Sherrill Wark

Book Cover: The Closet Hides a Flight of Stairs

Good Old Walt Disney.

♪ “Fairy Tales can come true. It can happen to you, if …” ♪

Sherrill Wark’s 3rd book of poetry, *The Closet Hides a Flight of Stairs*, is a tiny chapbook about wolves and lions and bears and Goldilocks and especially, Rapunzel’s incarceration in what every inner child believes was some kind of prison — perhaps even a nuthouse — but wasn’t.

And yes, of course it’s about love. And freedom, too. Freedom to be whoever you want to be — whoever you already are.


**Same Old Story?**

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”

But what if she liked living up there all alone high in the air and found this demand to be an affront to her dignity?

And who is that prince, that knight, who assumes she’ll turn him into a frog overnight just by saying I love you?

Poof? He’s a frog?

Highly unlikely.

No power like that exists beyond fairy tales and myth.

And if it did who’d want the responsibility of owning it?

Reviews:Rose, Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2016 wrote:

"A cup of Earl Grey in my hand, I enter the poet’s closet and climb the hidden stairs. Why? Because I’m enamoured with fairy tales, magic and mystery, and I need a break to clear my mind. And they don’t disappoint me, these characters that have a mind of their own and would have shocked the Brothers Grimm: Rapunzel who refuses to let down her hair; Little Red Riding Hood who considers the wolf sort of cute; lions and bears who don’t act as nature intended them to behave, and a prince who may turn into a frog at the first signs of love. I chuckle and smile as I read on and wish I could have come up with the idea. But then, it’s best to leave these creations to talented poets like Sherrill Wark. My recommendation: grab a cup of tea or coffee, put up your feet and relax. Ms. Wark’s verses will put a smile to your face. This mini-collection is perfect for people with little time who need an urgent break. Thank you Ms. Wark."
5 out of 5 stars - Whimsical and delightful verses

About the Author

Sherrill Wark is a former editor who designs print/digital books for indie authors. She’s the author of: How to Write a Book: Park It, Get to Work, Transplanted Heads: Your Muse Can’t Write Worth Sh*t, and 90 Steps to the Base Camp of Conscious Awareness (non-fiction); Death in l’Acadie, Refuge in l’Acadie, and Trapped in l’Acadie (the first three of a planned 6-book historical fiction series); Graven Images (fiction); Vivie Goes to Hell in a Hatchback (YA); The Closet Hides a Set of Stairs (poetry). Under her pseudonym Christina Crowe, she has published A Girl Dog’s Breakfast, scary stories and rude poems and The Unkindest Cut: Short Creepy Movie Scripts.