by Jean Kay

Book Cover: Thanksgiving Poetry to Inspire
ISBN: 978-0968712528
ISBN: 978-0968712528

A collection of twenty-four poems relating to Thanksgiving and the importance of being grateful all year, written by Jean Kay who has written a poem every morning since October 1997. Her poems are thought-provoking, easy to read, understandable and usually rhyme. There are many reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving—sharing good food with family and friends, successful harvests, gratitude for good health, and wealth in all its various forms. All these ways to celebrate are mentioned in poems throughout the book. One of the inspirational poems is titled Two Powerful Words which are “Thank You”. It reminds us to always have an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives. Thanksgiving Poetry to Inspire is created to inspire, encourage, support and help us to remember that giving thanks is powerful. Reading inspirational poems relating to Thanksgiving can create the peace of mind we all long for all year. Inspiration from Thanksgiving Poetry to Inspire soothes the soul and makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love. Enjoy.



Take time out to be grateful
for the person that is you,
for all your skills and talents
apparent in what you do.

There is no one just like you -
you're unique, one of a kind.
No one else thinks as you do
or knows what is on your mind.

How you use your special gifts
is entirely up to you.
although some may influence
your own learned point of view.

Be grateful for each day lived,
for your loved ones near and far,
for each challenge you take on
and for being where you are.

Let go of negative thoughts,
senseless grudges, fears and doubt.
Live each moment gratefully.
Now is what life is about.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Reviews:LR, Delta, BC wrote:

“Happy Thanksgiving – This poem is very lovely – I read it to the family (20) who gathered on Thanksgiving day here and it was also my grandson’s 35th birthday.”

Goodreads Review wrote:

"I don't normally seek to read poetry and not tied to a holiday, but Thanksgiving 2020 is not a typical year. I found the prose inspiring, reminiscent, and absolutely appropriate during a time we cannot all be seated together. So many details revealing memories and stories of my own. I'm sure everyone will experience their own unique journey reading this wonderful collection."

About the Author

Jean Kay, who moved from England to Canada with her family at the age of ten,  transformed herself into a dedicated poet following her retirement as Sales Events Coordinator for Canadian Airlines. Writing poetry every day for almost thirty years, Jean has published three books of poetry: Morning Light (2004); Christmas Poetry to Inspire (2015); Thanksgiving Poetry to Inspire (2019). In addition, Jean has published poetry in several anthologies, contributed regular poems to several newsletters, and writes poetry on commission through her company JK Creations. In honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Jean composed the music and lyrics to the song Canada, Our Canada.

A professional member of Canadian Authors Association, Jean has been an active volunteer in various roles at Canadian Authors—BC Branch, such as program chair, vice-president, longtime treasurer, short story contest coordinator, and editor of three branch anthologies. She has also been active at the national level of CAA, serving on several conference planning committees and acting as conference coordinator for CanWrite! 2010 in Victoria, B.C. In April 2021, Canadian Authors Association awarded Jean the Allan Sangster Award in recognition of her long and meritorious volunteer service to the association.

Jean has also been a member of the Evolutionary Business Institute, World Poetry, and the Ontario Poetry Society.