by Gerald Richardson Brown

Book Cover: North to Crying Rock
ISBN: 978-1-77262-056-6

Grieving for his murdered wife a retired professor flees an earthquake-ravaged city and goes into the mountains to live in an Indigenous community high above their flooded fishing village. Here the professor finds love again.

Publisher: Conundrum Press

About the Author

Gerald Richardson Brown’s Germanic ancestors came to America in 1738 and to Montreal in 1777 to settle on the Bay of Quinté of Lake Ontario. He grew up in Eastern Ontario and graduated in engineering from Queen’s University. After practicing for eight years he married Janet Oakes and they moved to the west coast where he completed a Master’s degree in town planning. Earning a PhD in the new discipline of Interdisciplinary studies he was invited to teach civil engineering at the University of British Columbia. Following twenty five years of teaching and research Professor Brown retired and began writing historical fiction. He lives in Vancouver with his wife.