by Alexandra Mireanu

Book Cover: Letters to Myself
ISBN: 978-1-77785-190-3
ISBN: 978-1-77785-191-0

Alexandra discovered an insatiable desire for writing poetry while travelling through Southeast Asia in 2019. This is her debut poetry collection. It contains the original poems she wrote on her travels and encompasses her journey to the ripe age of 25.


While everything you are about to read has already passed, the memories they conjure are so vivid and profound, I carry them with me wherever I go. There are lines I've pondered deeply and re-written numerous times, while there are entire entries that compellingly flowed out of me with no regard for time, or place, or hesitation.

Time after time I have found solace in the written word even when I am at a loss for what to say out loud. Heightened emotions are a wonderful thing for an artist. They move us to act, to create, to express how we feel in an attempt to understand our human experience. Writing is a means of returning to oneself and remembering that you are home.

Wherever you go, there you are. This is my gift to you.

Reviews:Shelly Zevlever, Manager Editor (Chapbooks) at The Soapbox Press wrote:

"Letters to Myself is a personal yet accessible poetry collection. This collection proves that poetry does not need to be convoluted and it can be read by anyone. Everyone can find something to relate to within this collection. Alexandra Mireanu solidifies herself as a voice to watch through her poetry that feels deeply personal and relatable. Many readers will connect to her themes of love and loss. As an early reader, I highly recommend this poetry collection for any library that is invested in the writing of emerging writers."

Vanessa Mainella, Editor at Plume Press wrote:

"Alexandra Mireanu's writing immediately caught my attention when her manuscript landed in my inbox. Her poetry has a sense of authenticity that calls to the human experience. After reading her entire collection, I knew I wanted to be an editor on the project. Alexandra pieced together a story of pain, heartbreak, family distress, and healing into something we could all use - a gift to ourselves. Letters to Myself is the perfect example of the gentle introspection that heals personal trauma."

About the Author

As an avid reader, competitive dancer, and professionally trained pianist, Alexandra has been immersed in the arts her entire life. In her teens, she taught piano and music theory to children, even to those her own age. Born in Suceava, Romania, she spent her childhood summers with her grandparents while tending to her formal education in Canada during the school year. She fell in love with language and literature through her unique bilingual upbringing. Today, Alexandra is part of a Toronto-based writing group for young, aspiring creatives. In 2021, she began her Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. As an emerging essayist and novelist, she hopes to publish collections in each of these areas someday!