15 Proven Strategies to Limit Learning and Decrease Grades

by Melanie Barrett

Book Cover: How to Sabotage Studying
ISBN: 978-1-7774140-3-0

Are your study habits working for you? Is your study routine having a positive impact on your grades? Do you only have one way to study and hope that it works?

Learning how to study effectively is a vital skill in high school, but many students struggle to develop the behaviours necessary to make studying useful. As a result, they sabotage learning opportunities and minimize potential grades.

How to Sabotage Studying: 15 Proven Strategies to Limit Learning and Decrease Grades, reveals 15 common habits that negatively impact studying success for high school students.

As with the other books in this series, experienced teacher, Melanie Barrett, encourages students to recognize how their own choices and behaviours can impact their high school experience while prompting readers to make personal plans to develop greater direction and focus during their study times.

This is a necessary read if you:

  • are about to start high school
  • are currently in high school
  • love someone in high school
  • teach high school

Practical and clearly stated, this book provides an awareness that will empower readers to take control of their high school study routine so they can elevate their learning and strive to reach their ambitions.

Publisher: Marmalade Books


Learning how to study effectively and efficiently is one of the most difficult skills you will develop in high school. It takes a great deal of practice to become a solid studier and many students finish high school without realizing that their poor study habits are sabotaging their potential for academic growth and success. Often students don’t receive direct instruction about how to study and they come to think that studying is a haphazard and passive activity of rereading their notes and trying to memorize what they read. Many students never understand that studying is an active and focused process of interacting with their learning and applying it to their lives. By establishing poor study habits, many students limit the depth of their learning and this results in lower grades than they might otherwise earn.


If your plan is to sabotage your studying as a way to limit your learning and decrease your grades, you’ve found the right resource. This book provides you with 15 simple strategies you can use to help you meet that goal. Use them to build on the strategies you’ve learned about in other books in the How to Hate High School series. Each strategy is followed by a space you can use to create an action plan to help you apply what you have read to your unique studying life.

However, if you want to improve your studying skills and impact your school achievement in more positive ways, you can flip all of the strategies around and develop an active and focused action plan for your studying success.

Passive or Active.

Haphazard or Focused.

The choice is yours. I hope you choose wisely.


About the Author

Melanie has been a successful and influential Secondary School Teacher for over twenty years. In that time, she has supported 1000’s of students and 100’s of colleagues in developing their motivation and productivity skills. She has a passion for helping people become their best selves and she loves sharing positive ways to improve personal mindset. She lives near the lake in Toronto with her spouse and their loving and brilliant dog. She continues to be a work in progress, and she likes it that way.