by Shawna James

Book Cover: Despite the Devil
Part of the They Loved Collection series:
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5
ISBN: 978-1-7772578-3-5

Stephanie gazed at Andrew’s clean-shaven, long and slender face. His dark green eyes were captivating. His brown hair was neatly combed to the side. His eyebrows were thick and kind of joined in the middle, and his nose looked even sharper from the angle at which Stephanie was now looking at him. Girl, he’s handsome! Stephanie thought, And that accent!

When Stephanie meets Andrew Simmons, she believes she's found the perfect man: smart, handsome, kind, and athletic. Best of all, the Norwegian former soldier is as interested in her as she is in him. But as their romance begins to blossom, Stephanie learns that Andrew’s past could haunt their life together. His dangerous earlier life may destroy the happiness the two of them share. Will Stephanie and Andrew's fairytale be strong enough to resist the wickedness from Andrew’s former life?

Publisher: Drummond Martin Publishing

Stephanie tried to calm her stomach, which kept getting a swooping sensation every time she looked at Andrew. They walked out of the school, and Stephanie directed him to the restaurant, the one Maya and she regularly visited. “This place has the best coffee and cheesecake, approved by Maya,” Stephanie said by way of introduction. “Maya may be a math teacher, but her real expertise is food.”

“Approved by the expert. Got it,” Andrew replied charmingly.

Stephanie glanced at her watch again. She also had another hour to spare. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Andrew studying her.

“Why don’t you join me for a cup of coffee?” he invited. “Maybe you could lend me more expertise on food-related matters.”


Stephanie could feel her heart skip a beat and her face flushed with excitement. She searched for words to politely refuse this invitation, but truthfully, she wanted nothing more than to spend time inside the restaurant with him. “I’m not the expert,” she argued lamely. “It’s my friend Maya who’s the foody, but I will join you for that cup of coffee.”

“Consider this an apology for bumping into you the other day,” Andrew added and held the door open for Stephanie to enter.

Stephanie stepped inside, her mind screaming ‘be cool, be cool … don’t show how much you like him’.


"Loved It! Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it! Reads like a movie." wrote:

“Despite the Devil is a compelling and emotional tale. A poignant, romantic, and emotional tale. Author Shawna James has crafted a romantic drama that delivers, with a deep sense of passion and devotion...more than this, the work smacks of realism thanks to the grounding of the characters and their realistic dialogue. When faced with adversity they react in ways that we as readers can really relate to, and it compels us to go with them every step of the way on their journey. The plot structure keeps things interesting, we get some great highs and lows. Overall, I certainly recommend Despite the Devil for its realistic approach to contemporary drama. A well-written work indeed.”

About the Author

When author Shawna James is not instructing at university or writing in her favorite coffee shop, Shawna spends most of her time reading, hiking, traveling abroad, and catching her favorite football games on Sunday afternoons.