by Pat McLaughlin

Book Cover: Aging The Best Alternative

Aging The Best Alternative is a beautiful upbeat book of 23 poems. They reflect Pat McLaughlin’s feelings about stages of aging, the joys and the frustrations. The material is divided in three sections: Aging, In Between and Beyond. These echo the natural progression of adjusting to aging and moving toward death. The poems are visually striking, exciting, often pack a punch or add delightful humour. “My Word” speaks to word gaps which are inevitable and ends with a sigh of “Alas”; “Granny” has a diamond shape; “Wakefulness” looks like an alarm bell and speaks to sleeplessness; “Time Past” asks whether the best years are gone and is immediately answered by “No Limit”, while “Note to My Body” creates a smooth transition into the next section. “The World Could End Tonight” and “Let Me Go” sparks contemplation of life’s ending. “Adagio” challenges values and perspectives; “Millennial’s Lament” reflects frustrations related to agism; “Sting of My Regret” is about acceptance and self-forgiveness; “Life” is about the importance of boundaries; and “Achoo” speaks to a right attitude and light-heartedness; “Oh Hell” offers humour and removes the worry about what happens next.

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My Word

Lost my word

How absurd

It was just there

under my hair

Now it’s gone


Tongue to brain

must regain

word power

this hour

Can’t talk

Must stalk

a synonym

Feeling dim

Mind is blank

dark and dank

Sometime later

the traitor


and jeers

Time has past

Feeling cast

into old hood

which isn’t good


Reviews:Denise Linnay, The Centretown Buzz (a local Ottawa monthly newspaper), February, 2020 wrote:

“Aging: the Best Alternative is a beautiful, positive, upbeat book of poems on growing older written by Pat McLaughlin. . I love how the material is divided into three sections: “Aging”, ‘in Between”, and Beyond”. They follow a natural progression for many people who are faced with adjusting to the transitions in aging.
...I will treasure this book. I admire the courage and the audacity it took, to write honestly about life and its events."

Glenda Jones, The Humm. Arts, Entertainment and Ideas in the Ottawa Valley (February, 2020) wrote:

“Poetry is like Jazz or Abstract Art. I don’t always understand them, but the trick is to …listen…or look again, and if the work speaks to you, then great…”
-Pat McLaughlin
"Sometimes all it takes is encouragement and validation to get creative juices flowing . For Pat McLaughlin, newly published poet, taking a Learning in Almonte course on creative writing gave her the incentive to gather her poems into a meaningful collection of poems on aging, “Aging the Best Alternative”. . .
...Pat’s poetry runs the gamut from funny to frustrated and resigned. It is obvious she is embracing the aging process gracefully, and understands the senior point of view without dwelling on the negative. To her, age is a number, not a life sentence!
“Aging is the Best Alternative” is available directly from Pat McLaughlin at: If you are a senior, love a senior, or are going to be a senior, this lovely book of poetry will keep you amused and give you pause for thought. (Choose the red cover – it’s snappy!)"

About the Author

Pat McLaughlin has been writing poetry since January 2018. It all started with an online poetry workshop, and blossomed into a collection of poems on Aging. An avid painter, she kept a travel journal during a three year travel spree as a Neanderthal, joined a couple of writing groups, took more poetry courses and continues to look for ways to expand her horizons. Playing with words and writing poetry gives her air to breathe! “As writers, we have so many delicious words to play with as readers, we can experience the words anyway we choose.”