Andrew Westoll is an award-winning writer and teacher based in Toronto. A former primatologist-in-training, his first book, The Riverbones, is a travelogue set in the remote jungles of Suriname, where he once spent a year studying wild troops of capuchin monkeys. Westoll’s second book, the national bestselling The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, is the biography of a family of chimpanzees who were rescued from a research laboratory and retired to an animal sanctuary near Montreal. The Chimps won the 2012 RBC-Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction and was a finalist for several other major book awards. Westoll is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Toronto Scarborough, where he teaches creative writing and literature, and where in 2014 he was honoured as a Professor of the Year. His debut novel, The Jungle South of the Mountain, was published in 2016.