Tips to Help You Listen

Quick Tips to Listen to a Podcast

Try Clicking the Podcast Link


To listen to a podcast click on the link next to the author’s photo, located just below the title of the podcast. Look for the podcast feed icon (shown to the left).

The file should start playing almost immediately, although it may be delayed as it downloads some of the podcast so that it can play consistently (depending upon the speed of your Internet connection).

We Suggest Downloading the File

What the Numbers Mean

The podcasts have two sets of numbers beside them — e.g. (15.2 MB, 16:22). The first number indicates the size of the M4A file in megabytes; the second is the duration of the podcast in minutes and seconds.

Because the size of these podcasts is significant, you may wish to save the file to your computer:

  • The podcast will play more consistently if you are on a slow or busy connection.
  • Downloading will allow you to listen to it several times without waiting for it to download again.
  • You can also transfer the downloaded M4A files to your iPod for playback away from your computer.

You may be offered this choice when you click on the link but you can ensure this option when you right-click on the link, then choose Save Target As or Save Link As to download the file to a location on your computer, such as your desktop.

Still Having Problems?

Should problems continue, please continue to check the other options on this page.

Troubleshooting Playing M4A Format Files?

Did You Try Downloading the File First?

If the podcast does not play or is garbled, try downloading the file to your computer before playing it.

  • Right-click on the podcast then choose Save Target As or Save Link As then save the file to your desktop.
  • Internet Explorer users may be able to drag it across to your desktop or right-click then select “copy” then paste it onto your desktop.

Once the file has completed downloading, click on it to play the podcast.

Still Having Problems?

If clicking on the link doesn’t play the file even after downloading it to your computer, you may not have a media player capable of playing M4A media files.

Finding a Media Player for M4A Files

If your computer doesn’t begin playing the podcast or if the downloaded file (see below) doesn’t play, you may need to add software to your computer to play M4A files.

Download a Free Player for MP4s

You can download the following free players that will play MP4 media files:

While it is possible to alter Windows Media Player 11 to play M4A files correctly, it does require additional codecs. If you don’t know what codecs are, it will be easier to use the recommended programs.

March meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
TOPIC: Playwriting
SPEAKER: Laurie Fyffe
What makes a play different from other forms of writing? How do you get the characters to tell your story? What
exactly is ‘dramatic action’? And how does the playwright craft dialogue to serve both characters and plot?
It’s all about wants and desires.
BIO: Laurie Fyffe is a playwright, dramaturge, actor, arts administrator and Artistic Director of Evolution Theatre, Ottawa. She is a member of CAEA, ACTRA, and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.