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2017 Summer Byline

2017 Summer

Byline Summer 2017

  • “Giving Voice: Crafting Meaningful Dialogue” by Barbara Kyle
  • CAA-NCR 2017-18 Meeting Topics
  • Poem: “Gunda” by Ruth Latta, 2017 NCWC First Place
  • Our 2017 NCWC Awards Ceremony Winners list and photos
  • Short Story: “Extra Innings” by Jeff Shiau, 2017 NCWC Third Place
  • Poem: “Relay” by Lee Ann Smith, 2017 NCWC Honourable Mention
  • “Winging It: Live on the Radio” by Barbara Florio Graham
  • Masters Writing Workshop Summary byAdrienne Stevenson
  • Short Story: “California Pure” by Elle Wild, 2017 NCWC Second Place
2017 NCWC Results

First Place: “Gunda” by Ruth Latta
Second Place: "Anne from Toronto” by Ruth Latta
Third Place: “Sunset (for Gwen)” by Gill Foss

Honourable Mentions:

“Too Long a Winter” by Lee Ann Smith
"Relay” by Lee Ann Smith
“A Small Grief” by Bev Chambers

First Place: “The Flower Seller of Agra" Shiela Jane
Second Place: “California Pure" Elle Wild
Third Place: “Extra Innings" Jeff Shiau

Honourable Mentions:

"Unexpected" by Barbara Wackerle Baker
"Night Swim" by Di Golding
"Distant Connections" by Julio Heleno Gomes