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2017 Winter Byline

2017 Winter

“The Christmas Mouse” by Sharyn Heagle

“Take the Fear out of Formatting” Webinar Information

“You May Not Need an Agent” by Barbara Florio Graham

Review of our November Meeting, by Christine Beelen

2018 National Capital Writing Contest Information

“The Flower Seller of Agra,” First Place 2017 NCWC Short Story, by Shiela Jane

“Anne from Toronto,” Second Place 2017 NCWC, by Ruth Latta

“Distant Connections,” Honourable Mention 2017 NCWC,  by Julio Heleno Gomes

March meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
TOPIC: Playwriting
SPEAKER: Laurie Fyffe
What makes a play different from other forms of writing? How do you get the characters to tell your story? What
exactly is ‘dramatic action’? And how does the playwright craft dialogue to serve both characters and plot?
It’s all about wants and desires.
BIO: Laurie Fyffe is a playwright, dramaturge, actor, arts administrator and Artistic Director of Evolution Theatre, Ottawa. She is a member of CAEA, ACTRA, and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.