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2018 Spring Byline

2018 Spring Byline


  • “Too Long a Winter” Poetry, by Lee Ann Eckhardt-Smith
  • Advice from the Pros by Barbara Kyle
  • Collaborative Poetry by Carol A. Stephen
  • “A Day for Donkeys,” Poetry by Carol A. Stephen
  • Haiku Poetry  by Gill Foss
  • Strategic Book Promotion by Barbara Florio Graham
  • Memoir Writing, A Review of our February meeting by Sharyn Heagle
  • “Why I Almost Squashed My Cat” Short Story by Sherrill Wark
  • The Fred Kerner Book Award Call for Submissions

NCWC Results

Announced Tuesday, May 8, 2018
7:00 p.m.
In the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

Short Story
First Place: Ingrid Betz, for Leaving is Just a Suitcase Away
Second Place: Adrienne Stevenson for Rules of the Road
Third Place: Sonia Tilson for Wild Strawberry Jam

Honourable mentions:

Anne-Marie Beattie for The Reservoir Man
Adam Heenan for The Tent Man
Anna Rumin for Gently into the Night
Jeff Shiau for Coffee or Tea

First Place: Joan McKay for “A Memory of Light”
Second Place: Marianne Jones for “Child of the 50’s”
Third Place: Gill Foss for “Beyond HRV”

Honourable mentions:

Gill Foss for “A Change of Pace”
Gill Foss for “Ode to Invisible
Ian Prattis for “The Seasons”