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Our four most recent issues.

2016 Winter edition


“It’s Never Too Late: Young at Art” by SONIA TILSON

  • Poem: “Christmas Baking,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by  LEE ANN ECKHARDT SMITH
  • How to Find and Enter Contests by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM
  • Poem: “A Piece of Scotch Plaid,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by GERRY MOONEY
  • “The Power of Story Structure: Writing the Page Turner” by BARBARA KYLE
  • Short Story: “They Never Called Her Cinderella” 2016 NCWC Second Place by TONY BOVE

Short Story: “The Inward Vision,” 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention by ZENON STRZELCZYK2016



2016 Autumn Edition


  • “Standing up to take a chair: On becoming chair of CAA-NCR” by ARLENE SMITH
  • Poem: “Who will feed the Flowers,” 2016 NCWC Third Place by HELEN GAMBLE
  • Canadian Writers Summit: Report on the first conference by ARLENE SMITH
  • Poem: “Preparing for Winter,” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by GERRY MOONEY
  • Our 2016-17 Program by DEBBIE ROSE
  • Characters: Your Story’s Life Blood: Writing the Page Turner by BARBARA KYLE
  • Short Story: “Leveller,” 2016 NCWC Third Place by ADRIENNE STEVENSON
  • Developing Creative Promotional Ideas: Tapping Your Inate Creativity by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM

2016 Summer Edition

Byline-August-2016Summer 2016 Byline

  • “Shades of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela” by ALAN C. FLEMING
  • Poem: “The Act of Discovery” 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention by GILL FOSS
  • Poem: “High School Reunion” 2016 NCWC Second Place by SYLVIA ADAM
  • Report on our May Meeting Expose Yourself: Ways to get attention for your book while remaining fully clothed by DAVID TURKO
  • 2016 NCWC Awards Night
  • Short Story: “What the Chipmunk Is Thinking” 2016 NCWC First Place by LYNN JATANIA
  • “Conquering Writing Challenges” by BARBARA FLORIO GRAHAM
  • Short Story: “Ben and Margot Forever” 2016 NCWC Honourable Mention by ADAM HEENAN

 2016 Spring Edition


  • “Encourage Creativity by Turning Work Into Play” by Barbara Florio Graham
  • “A Good Way to Start a Writing Career” by Gill Foss
  • Poetry — Early Spring Landscape — by Carol Stephen
  • 2015 NCWC Honourable Mention Short Story “Tara Marie Andronek” by Stephanie Loiza Read
  • “Taxes and the Writer” with Paul Downey and Angela Doyle of BDO Canada
  • “Scribng Sex – Romancing the Page” with Jasmine Aziz
  • “Is ‘Real Change’ coming to Canadian copyright?” with Dr. Michael Geist

2016 Winter edition

Byline – Vol33No2 Dec-Feb 2016 (1)

  • Iceland Writers Retreat (IWR) and The Blue Fox by L. D. Cross
  • 2015 NCWC Third Place Poetry:“Winter Blues” by Joan McKay
  • 2015 NCWC First Place Short Story “Ned and Lill” by Anna C. Rumin
  • Winter Social On Sunday afternoon, December 6

One Response to Archived Issues

May – NCWC Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
30th Annual National Capital Writing Contest (NCWC) Awards Night
Sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: The Auditorium of Ottawa Public Library's Main Branch, 120 Metcalfe Street

In addition to the presentation of the awards, finalists will be invited to read their entries. The winning entries will be published in Byline, and all finalists’ entries will be published in a 2017 Anthology celebrating the NCWC’s 30th Anniversary. We look forward to the friends and families of the finalists, and anyone wishing to support local authors, to attend and enjoy an evening of wonderful writing.