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Although it is CAA policy not to reveal the names of our members, those listed below have opted to have their information published.

Dr. Bob Abell’s interests in books and publication include fiction and non-fiction on political, business, and environmental topics. Dr. Abell also provides editing and other services.

Donald B. Anderson’s Black Russian Terrier: Genesis of a New Breed is an historical version of the development of the Black Russian Terrier. It provides enthusiasts with a comprehensive description of this dog breed in a detailed and clearly expressed format.

Phyllis Bohonis’s first novel, Fire in the Foothills, set in the beautiful Alberta foothills, is a tale of murder, faith, hope and trust. Her second novel, The Wilderness is a romantic/suspense set in the rugged beauty of Northern Ontario. The main character of her third novel, Tomorrow’s Promise, finds solace in the stunning sunsets of northwestern Ontario. Her settings are always Canadian and her characters are aged 50-plus.

Kelly Buell is a professional journalist, writer, proofreader, editor, blogger and hobbyist photographer who edits and proofreads works of any length. She enjoys critiquing, reviewing, proofing content, and line-editing works of many genres, particularly horror, thrillers, drama, and works of fiction.  As a seasoned freelance journalist Kelly, offers a fresh perspective on writing for publication, approaching editors and publishers and the writing life.

L. D. Cross’s articles/books on business and lifestyle have been published in the US and Canada, with articles in WeddingBells, Home Business Report, Profit, Legion Magazine, enRoute, AmericanStyle, Fifty-Five Plus, Health Naturally, Antiques!, AirBornand The Globe & Mail. Awards of excellence have been received for features, editorials, and for writing for seniors.

Kit Flynn is one of the co-authors of The Black Lake Chronicles, Volumes 1,2 and 3. Kit’s stories are often inspired by her life experiences. She ties health, in all its dimensions of mind, body and soul, into her compelling stories.

Frank Hegyi is a revolutionary who has made good in the world. To find out more about his incredible life experiences, read his books.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford is the author of several books, including the award-winning The Whistling Bishop. She has also published many stories and articles on various subjects. Most of her stories focus on what the author describes as extra-ordinary Canadians, like her grandmother whom she wrote about in Personal Notes.

Joanne Lécuyer is a Canadian independent author who loves writing positive fantasy books for kids (early chapter books) to stir the imagination and creativity with stories that touch upon important life experiences in a way that is positive, imaginative and most of all fun. Joanne also teaches writing workshops for kids.

Dr. François Mai is an author, athlete, physician, and psychiatrist specializing in psychosomatic medicine. Dr. Mai has had 115 articles published, the majority in peer reviewed journals. These include high-citation publications such as the American, British and Canadian Journals of Psychiatry, the Archives of General Psychiatry, the British Medical Journal, and the Journal of Psychosomatic Research and Psychosomatic Medicine. He is also author of a monograph entitled “Diagnosing Genius: The Life and Death of Beethoven” (McGill/Queen’s University Press, 2007), and is currently writing an historical novel about a boy born illegitimately in 18th century France who searches for his father during the traumatic events of the French Revolution when disease and death, even in the young, lurked around every corner.

Catina Noble is a writer and artist. She has published more than 150 poems. short stories, articles, interviews and photographs. Her blog is a place for her to post about her adventures in writing and art.

Arlene Somerton Smith is a freelance writer who writes video scripts, speeches and other promotional materials. She has had short stories published in DESCANT and a Writer’s Digest short story compilation. In her inspirational blog, she stands on solid ground and reaches for the divine, drawing on both science and story to seek the fullest understanding of our mysterious existence.

Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith is an award-winning writer of short stories, non-fiction books and magazine articles. Her website has all the latest on her writing projects, workshops and events.

Carol A. Stephen: Check out her blog for poetic works-in-progress; leave a comment. She is looking for writers to help this writer with a little constructive feedback. Carol is also the CAA–NCR newsletter, The Weeklies, editor/designer.

Kaarina Stiff is a freelance writer and editor who loves to turn big ideas into manageable bite-sized pieces. She works with businesses and non-profit organizations to create and polish web content, corporate documents, and other products where words are put to work. Kaarina also has a passion for fiction — she has published short stories at and, and is currently working on a middle grade novel.

Jo Ann Tremblay’s The Self-Coaching Toolbox contains powerful tools that guide you on a journey to self-realization and your own definition of meaningful success.

Sherrill Wark provides digital design and document preparation; copy editing; manuscript evaluation (horror, mystery, and suspense especially dear to my heart); plus related services.

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    1. Your submission must be concise.
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NCWC Results

Announced Tuesday, May 8, 2018
7:00 p.m.
In the auditorium of the Main Branch of the Ottawa Public Library

Short Story
First Place: Ingrid Betz, for Leaving is Just a Suitcase Away
Second Place: Adrienne Stevenson for Rules of the Road
Third Place: Sonia Tilson for Wild Strawberry Jam

Honourable mentions:

Anne-Marie Beattie for The Reservoir Man
Adam Heenan for The Tent Man
Anna Rumin for Gently into the Night
Jeff Shiau for Coffee or Tea

First Place: Joan McKay for “A Memory of Light”
Second Place: Marianne Jones for “Child of the 50’s”
Third Place: Gill Foss for “Beyond HRV”

Honourable mentions:

Gill Foss for “A Change of Pace”
Gill Foss for “Ode to Invisible
Ian Prattis for “The Seasons”